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5 reasons to start playing Free Online Slots

There are different advantages to play online slots for free or bet for real money.
At Bonus Tiime, we enjoy testing new slots free before trying to win real money. It allows us to test all features without losing some money as free slots have the same mechanics as real money machines.

1. See if you really enjoy the slot

By playing online free slots, you’ll quickly see if you really enjoy the game or if you were only attracted by the game’s marketing (and not the game itself). Free slots will ensure that you won’t lose money on slot machines you don’t really like to play.

2. Test new slots from your favorite online casinos

Test the selection of new online casino and make a checklist with different questions to see if a game is tailored to your preferences : How often does this game payout? Does it offer a good betting range? Is there a big jackpot ? Does it have enough bonus rounds?

3. Relax and entertain yourself

Free slots games are the perfect way to unwind, relax, and simply enjoy playing online casino as entertainment – without losing money or the stress to catch chasing wins.

4. Choose your favorite one among thousands of free slots

As none of us can imagine playing thousands of slots for real money, free slots are ideal to take slot machine on a trial to discover which one you like best.

5. Help you win more money once you play for real

When you play free slot machines online, you’ll get to know better your favorite games and their potential wins.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Jade Magician Free Online Slot Game

What’s a Wager?  

Wager is the fact of playing multiple times your balance (often x35/x40), whenever you’re under bonus casino or bonus free spins, in order to cash out the whole amount of money which stands when the wager is done.
For example : Deposit 200€ raw + 200€ Bonus wager x40 means you’ve to play 400€ x40 = 16 000€ before cashing out.

Question test pour les slots ?  

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